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Gatecoin, buy digital assets locally, trade globally. An exchange built for performance, safety and reliability.

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Welcome to Gatecoin.

Very soon offering the most popular digital assets such as Bitcoins, Litecoins, Namecoins.

Trusted partners

We are developing partnerships with financial institutions in order to provide our customers the easiest and cheapest payment methods all around the world, and guarantee their deposits.

Building it

We are currently building a fast and secured platform that will provide the same quality of service as banks and fiat currencies brokers, following the same KYC and regulatory requirements, while maintaining very low fees.

Digital currencies

New to digital currencies ? So, what actually is a Bitcoin ? Get more info there. Then, you will see there are many more digital currencies to fit your needs. And we plan to help you trade them.

Our team.

Meet our team of experienced programmers, financial IT specialists, legal and banking experts.


IT developer


Co-founder and IT developer


Web developer


Exchange systems advisor


Senior IT advisor

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